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Safe transport of expensive HIV testing kits in tight footprint work cell

Flexible Okura Conveyors

Flexible Okura Conveyors Proved a suitable Solution for our Customer

Small HIV testing kits manufactured in Ireland have a small fragile structure once assembled. The customer required product conveyance of these components to a finished parts station where they were placed in a tray without any damage during belt transfer. As well as this the total floor footprint the customer had to work with was very tight. LVP’S modular off the shelf Belcon Mini BMS knife edge conveyor and FCB tight radius belt curve were the perfect solution. Providing a 2mm transfer gap between conveyors as well as tight radius belt curves, the small conveyor system was a perfect fit first time and worked flawlessly.

Regardless of the components you’re manufacturing or the environment you’re manufacturing them in, get in touch with LVP and we can help you achieve your system goals.

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