Baby wipes conveyor

Baby Wipes a Breeze for LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd.

Irish Breeze, Ireland’s only manufacturer of soaps and cotton wool products was the most recent company to enjoy the benefits of the Belcon mini series from LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd..

Irish Breeze recently installed a new manufacturing process in a clean room for their patented wet wipes pack, and subsequently needed to convey the product from the clean room to the packing area which was on the other side of the wall.

LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. immediately looked to their Belcon minis range, as this would provide the perfect solution. A pusher was installed to transfer the product at 90 degrees. The pusher was fully integrated with existing conveyor systems which allowed the product to travel through the clean room and out into the packing area.

The Belcon mini series comprises of compact and easy to carry mini belt conveyors. The series is ideal for conveying between processes and can also be used in an assembly line as a feeder or as an optional conveyor for mechanical equipment.

Integrating a new process to existing systems can often slow down production for a period and may prove a costly experience. LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. delivered a cost effective and efficient solution to Irish Breeze with minimal disruption to production lines.

Water Resistant Carryline Conveyors for Brillo Pads

Wear Resistant Carryline Conveyors were the right choice for Brillo Pads..

Simple, Clean, Reliable Automation Lines

62mm Acetal belt up to the task

Brillo Pads are an abrasive component by design, and so the machine on which they are manufactured must be abrasion resistant by nature in order to continually manufacture these components.

Carryline conveyors proved to be the right choice for this customer on their Brillo pad line.

The Acetal chain by its nature is a very tough and wear resistant plastic and this combined with slow SEW geared motors and an 80mm high flexible plastic guiderail ensured smooth conveyance and product cooling in this application.

A few points on this system are:

1) The customer required a link up between their manufacturing machine and their assembly area, Carryline proved to be the correct conveyor solution

2) The lines required a very slow speed and were all high temperature resistant in order to allow the product to cure before reaching the assembly area

3) Carryline 62mm chain proved to be the correct choice for the Brillo Pad as it allowed safe transmission of thee pads and allowed only the minimum of floorspace to be used

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Water Resistant Carryline Conveyors for Brillo PadsWater Resistant Carryline Conveyors for Brillo Pads

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