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What is a FIFO conveyor System?

FIRST IN FIRST OUT is a technique used for product storage in factories or warehouses that uses gravity or driven roller conveyors for storing large quantities of manufacturing goods. First in first out is a straight through storage system. For example, when pallets or totes are inserted to a FIFO system they are inserted at the infeed end and convey through to the out feed end. Depending on the size and weight of the product, and the fragility of the product, this is either carried out by gravityor powered options.

This photo demonstrates FIFO using conveyors.

The forklift on the left inserts the pallet into the FIFO system and it conveys down the slope on a braked gravity roller conveyor. The gravity rollers have a friction-braked roller in each section to control the pallets decline speed. This type of system allows for stock rotation and reduced maintenance costs. For non-powered options, there is a saving on operating costs. Where there is a powered option, this is carried out via powered roller drives, so space savings can still be utilised.

Some more benefits are
⦁ Good ROI, usually 2 years or less
⦁ Goods always available at picking place
⦁ Fewer operators required
⦁ Less machinery needed to move and store goods, allowing real estate to be better utilised

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