Optical Lens Handling2020-01-23T14:08:42+00:00

LVP install a lens tray handling conveyor line in Manchester

LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. completed this conveyor installation at one of Manchesters leading optical lens companies.

The project in Altrincham was founded on the success of a previous line which was installed in 2010.

The system provides fully automated delivery of plastic trays which carry a delicate lens in a plastic tray into and out of bisphera machines which perform lens cutting and bevel etching.

The lens is then fed to operators on a JIT (just in time) basis.

All conveyors are aluminium Carryline 140mm wide plastic chain. The controls functions include

  • Mild steel control panel with AB PLC and inverter control plus a    series of pneumatic stops for gating and releasing product.
  • The overall brief of the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a low maintenance, modular, aesthetically pleasing materials handling system to handle delicate product was met and exceeded with flying colours.