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One of LVP’S larger bespoke Carryline modular chain system (An Animals Food Conveyor System) installs was a 4 tier dual serpentine incline buffer conveyor system

The logic of the system was as follows:

  • To supply a minimum of 7 minutes buffering time
  • Approx. 40m of conveyor split into a left and right buffer
  • Aluminium frame
  • Modular design for future modifications
  • Moving product 145 wide x 190mm long x 100mm high
  • 1.2 kg weight
  • Pneumatic diverters to buffers

Carryline Modular Chain System - The Animals Food Conveyor Systems Get in touch with LVP to discuss your Carryline options and for any and all bespoke modular conveyor designs. This system is but one of hundreds of systems we have designed and installed, and we have all the necessary tools and experience for you to consider us for your future projects

Stainless steel Modular belt conveyor (An Animals Food Conveyor) to elevate dog treats

Stainless Steel Modular Belt Conveyor - The Animals Food Conveyor System

One of LVP’S most recent bespoke conveyor builds was this stainless steel swan neck conveyor

Due to very tight space limitations the swan neck was needed to have a very tight footprint, which meant that the incline angle was very steep, so careful consideration had to be made for bearing strength at the transition points and also for the motor size, as this large amount of friction had to be taken into account when sizing the motor.

  • We used a 120 WATT BLE Brushless DC motor instead of a typical SEW .37KW motor and got much better speed and torque characteristics
  • IP66 motor with 304 stainless steel frame for complete wash-down
  • Bespoke infill strips at transition points so there is no product jamming
  • Wash-down cleated modular belt
  •  60 degree incline

Get in touch with LVP for any and all bespoke modular conveyor designs. This conveyor is but one of hundreds of conveyors we have designed and installed, and we have all the necessary tools and experience for you to consider us for your future projects.

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