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Closed Loop AZ Stepper Motor with 18 bit Absolute encoder proves Worthy Solution

The AZ stepper on the Linear Slide family of products complete with built in controller type driver proves to be the correct solution for this customer

Highly Accurate and high Resolution, the AZ breaks traditional Stepper Motor reputation

A quality system is only that once it contains quality parts. And in Order to make a system efficient all these quality parts must then be easy to use and commission.

When it comes to Position Control Operations for your system or component tracking within your system, Highly Accurate position control motors are required to make this.

Servos for all types of position control operations are still in many peoples minds the go to product for such system, however stepper motor suffer from hunting and require much more commissioning time to achieve satisfactory results.

While they are still the correct solution for larger payload operations, Systems that require only fractional horse power motors upto and including .5 HP, Closed loop stepper motors from Oriental Motor provide a much more easy to use and commission device while maintaining very high Accuracy (lower than 3 arc minutes in many applications) with similar repeatable due to the Patented ABZO closed loop 1800 turn Absolute Encoder as standard on all AZ motor products in the AZ family.

LVP Recently helped solve once such type of motion control application for a customer using the AZ motor on the EZS series of linear slides for movements of 5KG products at high speed (250mm in .4 seconds) for a light optic testing device. The highly accurate AZ stepper was a fundamental selling point of this, but that was only 1 aspect.

the other aspect was the very easy to use MEX02 FREE downloadable software for position control programming of the AZ steeper motor built in controller driver. this software is, in the customers own words, “Fairly easy to use” allowing set up times that are highly reduced in terms of time spend compared to a similar sized servo, they allow control that is every bit on par of that of servo control and accuracy for these type of applications.

These points only scratch the surface in terms of what LVP can offer in terms of programming control of the AZ, Solution based Knowledge for correct motor selection, and product family selection. We regularly supply Oriental Motor products for many customers in Ireland now and stand by the products on every conveyor solution we provide that requires position control motion and product tracking, always building up our knowledge base.

Regardless of the components you’re manufacturing or the environment you’re manufacturing them in, get in touch with LVP and we can help you achieve your system goals.

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