LVP’s Conveyor System Proves a Best Seller for Easons Wholesalers


Easons Wholesalers are one of the main book distributors in Ireland and as with any order taking, picking, packing and distributing business, production systems are paramount to operational efficiencies.

Easons take orders from hundreds of bookshops everyday and receive stock from suppliers everyday. The manual systems were becoming less efficient with the volume of orders going through. Easons decided that an automated system would significantly improve accuracy and speed of orders and installed a sortation system. The sorter sorted the books into the correct box and then needed to be transported to the distribution area.

LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. were approached by Easons to provide an automated conveying system which would speed up the process from packing to distribution. The conveyor needed to carry boxes of books from the automated sorting area through to the packing area.

LVP chose a line shaft powered roller as the best option primarily because of weight and how easy it is to control the product on the line. The system was installed within 3 weeks and Easons were delighted with the improvements in efficiencies. Boxes were going with the correct books and going to the right destinations with increased volume and throughput.

Distribution Centre tote conveyor System

Tote Conveyor System 1

In order to streamline this customers sortation issues, LVP’S Customer designed tote handling system was a vital success

Gravity Tote system was a clear benefit and total value for Money

Aluminium frame custom built machine with stainless Ball table units for 360 degree tote sortation

The most important aspect of any manufacturing line layout is maximizing the efficiency of the available space. With industrial real estate values at an all time high business owners need to produce as much as possible in as tight a footprint as they can without compromising on safety, aesthetics or functionality.

This was a vital point of functionally wanted by our customer for the Design of this unit. In order to increase the throughput of products, reduce walking between sortation areas and improve ergonomics for the workers, We designed these gravity sortation units in house in LVP from the ground up, meeting and exceeding all our customers requirements

Some of the main points of function required by these stations that we delivered on were as follows,

• Tote sortation for full and empty totes with easy to reach loading/unloading areas on the device
• 2 tier so as empty totes could return on bottom tier for further order picking
• 4 lane, 2 processing and 2 return, capable of 6 tote throughput on each lane
• Ball table sortation line at bottom of gravity conveyors for 360 degree sortation
• Gravity Brake roller section at end of each lane for safe working on totes (no run away situation)

These systems are very similar to the conveyor systems at the security check in in airports around the country.

Tote Conveyor System 2

Tote Conveyor System 3

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