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LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. get Chivers Out of a Jam!

When you’re in a business as hotly competitive as the one Chivers are in, you have to maximize productivity in every aspect of your operation. The value of the preserves market in Ireland is estimated at retail level to be €20.95 million and constantly improving production and distribution is high on the Chivers agenda.

Chivers recently installed new jar washers and fillers which provided a challenge on the jars of jam & marmalade production line. They required some method of conveying the product through the new machines to the end of the line. LVP Conveyor Systems Ltd. were chosen as the conveyor supplier primarily because of their ability to provide the total solution from their vast range of products and services. LVP’s approach and subsequent implementation resulted in the perfect solution with minimal disruption to the production line.

The conveyor chosen by LVP was from their range of slat band conveyors. A stainless steel, slat chain option was preferable in this instance due to the nature of the product moving along the line. The slat chain proved to be most efficient option, as jars travel very well on this conveyor.

The result for Chivers was a new conveying system which fully integrated with the current system. LVP not only provided the conveyor but also the technology and implementation. The project took just 2 weeks to complete from start to finish.

Chivers are delighted, as there was little disruption and improved productivity.

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