Lift Gate Belcon Mini Conveyor Line

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One of LVP’S most recent Jobs was a set of Belcon Mini Conveyors that incorporated a full lifting gate to lift and support a 500mm long x 100mm wide Belcon Mini used for transporting packed medical devices.

Lift Gate Belcon Mini Conveyor Line

The Conveyor had to have the capability of lifting without damaging the cable. For this the cable was extended and fed through a special tray to remove the possibility of the cable chaffing off the conveyor frame. The Belcon Mini also featured our range of Oriental Motor Brushless DC motors that are more compact and light weight than standard induction motors, therefore reducing the effort required to lift the Conveyor in question

Variables speed between .5 meters per minute up to 50 meters per minute are capable on these Oriental Brushless motors on the same ratio gearbox, so we can accommodate any speed requirement a customer needs for our Belcon Minis


Lift Gate Belcon Mini Conveyor These Brushless DC motors are 30% more energy efficient than an equivalent sized induction motor. So we have a 90 watt Brushless DC motor on these conveyors, which when compared to a 90 watt induction motor uses 30% less energy to achive the same work done

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