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Load Transfer Stations

The Load Transfer Station has a 20-pallet storage capacity, and operates on 380V – 415V three phase wiring connection. Operated by the fork lift driver, the basic load transfer station pallet transfer machine can be accessed from two sides for loading, or three sides for unloading.

The LTS with Pallet Dispenser automatically removes the original pallet. Then the pallet transfer system replaces it with an alternative pallet without the assistance of a forklift. Or these Load Transfer Systems can be placed in manual mode, disengaging the pallet dispenser, to transfer the load onto a slip sheet.


These Load Transfer Systems pallet exchangers remove the original pallet, replaces it with an alternative pallet and conveys the load onto the Outbound Conveyor, quickly clearing the load transfer area so another load may be transferred. The Load Transfer Station with Pallet Dispenser and Output Conveyor can be designed for integration with existing out feeding conveyor or as a stand-alone system.

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