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Intelligent automated conveyor lines

One of LVP’S Longest standing customers recently required us to automate the picking lines in their warehouse so that safe accumulation of 20 boxes could take place with product singulation on the end of each line. This is a brief overview of the project

Medical Device Automation








Project Outline

The project was to accumulate 20 boxes on the roller conveyor lines packing area in our customer’s site. The system took boxes automatically onto itself from a tape sealer via a twin chain transfer. The boxes were then conveyed up to the pneumatic end stop which always allows 1 box to be singulated at the end of each of the 3 lines. This allowed easy box picking for the operators to pack onto a pallet at the end of each line. The roller system includes line brakes and start/stop sensors to remove line pressure when full accumulation has been reached. All electric and pneumatic controls as well as conveyors designed and built on site in LVP before install on customers site.

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