Trying to Source Durable Conveyor Units?

/Trying to Source Durable Conveyor Units?
Trying to Source Durable Conveyor Units?2024-01-25T05:04:56+00:00

Are you looking to invest in conveyor units for your factory? Are you unsure which type of conveyor units are right for you? Then we at LVP Conveyor systems are here to help. We are specialists in the factory automation industry and can provide you with a high quality range of different conveyor units that will be able to help improve the productivity and safety of your workspace. No matter what industry you work in, we know that our systems can really benefit you, why not contact us today for more information?

Durable Conveyor Units

No two factories are quite the same, so choosing the right conveyor units for you and your workforce is key to making the most out of the factory automation. Here at LVP Conveyor Systems, we offer a number of different conveyor units to suit your business needs, these include belt conveyors, flexible slat conveyors, pallet conveyors and many more.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor units are ideal for handling goods with irregular services, which is a particular benefit over traditional roller conveyor units. Using this particular conveyor unit, you will be able to transport all sorts of different objects, from small to large, heavy to light, regular or irregular objects. This is hugely beneficial for companies that manufacture a lot of parts and materials. The type of belting that you use is entirely down to the industry that you work in and the needs of your products. All of our belt conveyors can be made out of mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel frames, so they are really made to last. They are an investment into your business.

Flexible Slat Conveyors

This particular conveyor unit harnesses the power of the completely integrated PLC control systems. The unit can be easily integrated into your previously installed conveyors, so you have freedom of movement and flexibility. This is what makes the Flexibly Slat Conveyor units beneficial as they are adjustable and space efficient. Unlike other conveyor units, this one is easily assembled and installed, making it fast and cost effective. The frame is made out of either aluminium or stainless steel, which makes it completely reliable, no matter what you need to use the unit for.

Pallet Conveyors

The Pallet conveyor unit uses light weight, high density aluminium profiles, which can keep heavy loads moving with minimum maintenance. They are ideally suited for companies that run distribution centres and factories. 

Would you Like to Learn More?

No matter what type of conveyor unit you might need, we have a number of options to choose from. If you’re interested in investing in factory automation, the team at LVP Conveyor Systems can help you. We are experts in the industry and can provide you with honest advice and excellent products that you will really love. 


For more information or to ask any particular questions about LVP Conveyor Systems and the work that we do, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on either +353 1 8643838 or +44 203 368 815. Alternatively, you can email us on either [email protected] or [email protected].


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