Press Brake Centralizing

Press brake centralizing conveyor using Oriental stepper motors 

LVP’S most recent conveyor system installation was the design and installation of a conveyor system to feed specific length aluminum blanks for automotive radiators into a 400 ton press whilst also having the ablity to center the blanks on the outfeed end, and then send a ready signal to a robot picker to pick the blank and place into the press for manufacture. As part of the system we also built an extendable/retractable conveyor to feed the finished blanks into a crate for shipping. Both conveyors designed and built along with all motor sizing and electrical panel building and programming done in house in LVP Conveyor Systems.

Some of the key functions of the system were:

Press Brake Centralizing

  • Ability to center 5 different size blanks
  • Strong robust durable design for an oily environment
  • Steel and aluminum frames

Remote panel outside of main control panel for blank size selection and stop/start and emergency stop integration into current press controls and new robot picker controls for lockout safety functions. – Stepper motor control not servo motors as steppers are preferred and easier to set up.

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