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Experts at transporting tobacco products
From small lids to boxes full of stacked tins. At the Swedish Match factory in Kungälv, everything to do with snus is transported using various conveyor systems from Carryline. This partnership dates back many years.

The Swedish Match factory in Kungälv applies rigorous safety standards. Not everyone can visit the snus factory which, on completion in 2003, was the most modern in the world.
“We made an exception for Carryline, since we’ve worked with them for so long,” says project manager Kenneth Ek as he gives us a tour of the inner sanctum. Inside the premises, everything is clinically clean, and this is heightened by the fresh menthol aroma from packets of snus intended for the American market. At the Kungälv factory, different types of snus packets are produced , while at the Gothenburg factory loose snus is produced.
Carryline supplies both facilities with aluminium conveyors, which are used to transport boxes, lids, tins, stacks of tins and ready-packaged cartons around the various production lines. The width and design of these chains varies according to the format of the product and how it needs to be transported. For example, in order to convey the tins vertically, a brush is used to press  the product against a friction chain. Entire stacks of tins are moved forward in v-shaped chains to the cartons they will be packed into.
“There’s a solution for virtually everything, and that’s what I like about Carryline,” continues Kenneth. “They’re not tied to any ready-made concept – they’re flexible and they’re involved throughout the development work. This allows us to keep improving our systems.”
In the large building at Solbräcke Industrial Estate, two have been fitted with Carryline’s horizontal and vertical conveyors. Swedish Match has also introduced Carryline Spiral, the latest space-saving conveyor. Kenneth sees real advantages in working in the same town as Carryline.
“It means we can quickly get in touch with them if we need parts, for example. Price and quality are also important factors when it comes to working with Carryline.”

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