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Carryline Belt Conveyors Systems

Full Control Throughout the Production Chain

Carryline Belt Conveyors Systems

Carryline is unique within the industry in that it manufactures the majority of its products itself.
This means that products can be customized according to customers’ needs, and delivery times
are short. Carryline’s workshop in Kungälv is the heart of the business, where both standard and
custom made conveyor systems are produced.

Controlling the entire production chain brings many advantages. It is possible to ensure that all components are manufactured to a consistent, high level of quality.
The company has also been quality and environmentally certified for ten years. At Carryline’s factory
in Kungälv, the components that act as the backbone of the Belt Conveyors Systems are cut, shaped, welded and milled. The standard systems are available in both aluminium and stainless steel, with countless
possible variations. All the plastic components included in the systems are injection moulded using
the company’s own equipment.

The durable acetal chains are available in different widths, from 24 millimeters up to 220 millimeters, or using modular chains in the customer’s desired width.
“By working closely together with our customers, we can quickly develop custom-made
solutions,” explains Magnus Åhman from Carryline’s marketing department.

The belt conveyors systems are test run at the factory to guarantee a long and safe working life. The
units are divided up into modules, which can then easily be assembled using hand tools, ensuring
quick, easy and cost-effective installation and changeovers.

Carryline offers everything from individual belt conveyors to systems including installation and servicing.
“Our customers can be found in virtually every industry where there’s a need for conveyor systems
to transport light goods,” continues Magnus. “Our strength lies in our ability to adapt according to our customers’ needs and our quick turnaround times for developing new solutions.”

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