Estrella Chooses Durable Belt Conveyors From Carryline

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Estrella Chooses Durable Belt Conveyors From Carryline

Every day, thousands of boxes of potato chips, popcorn and cheese puffs snake their way around the long belt conveyors at Estrella’s Angered factory. Year in, year out.

“Carryline’s durable conveyor systems are invaluable to us,” says Factory Manager Jonny Thorup.
Carryline’s conveyor systems were installed at Estrella’s factory in 2003, when the company’s operations in Angered were expanded.

Since then, they have continued to run virtually uninterrupted, explains Jonny.
“We operate three shifts, five days a week, all year round. This places high demands on our conveyors. Carryline comes once a year to service the system, and that’s enough. We rarely experience any problems.”

Estrella chose Carryline’s aluminum system, with a 140 millimeter chain width.
The wide guide rails are adapted according to the size of the boxes, which are transported both horizontally, with up and down inclines, and vertically with lifts. The empty cartons are fed along the belt and are then filled with bags containing different snacks, before finally being loaded onto pallets and prepared for delivery.

Most of this is automated.

“If something happens with the conveyors, if a part needs to be replaced, we can call Carryline. They’re always easy to get hold of, and offer excellent service. Their conveyor systems have worked extremely well for ten years, and will no doubt keep working for another ten.”

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